Tips For Tenants

MN Home Rentals understands pet deposits.

Woes And Whys Of Renter’s Deposits And Pet Fees

If you are renting a home or an apartment you likely have already encountered the land of deposits and fees. Be sure to read your lease agreement carefully and keep a copy.

You may resent having to pay these additional costs on top of the other expenses facing you during a move. Hooking up utilities, internet, cable and all of the other usual necessities and extras are eating up the cash and fast. Usually, the deposit is one month rent but that is at the owner’s discretion.

Pet deposits are at the owner’s discretion, some will not allow pets at all. Some will want so much per dog, per pound, or have restrictions about breed and size. The pet deposit is usually refunded, but don’t count on it, this is at the owner’s discretion and your agreement.

Read Your Lease And Keep A Copy Of Everything

You will be in luck if the house was recently occupied or the owners have kept the utilities on. If this is the case, you will only have to transfer the utilities into your name. If the house has not been occupied for awhile, count on paying installation fees for water, electricity, and/or gas. You will also have to request trash cans and/or pick up depending on the situation. 

Depending on your particular situation and companies, cable and internet will usually require an installation or turn on fee. Sometimes you take the cable boxes with you and the tech will just come out and turn everything on. In some cases, they will install a new satellite. For internet, if you can probably just call to get it turned on if you have the equipment. Again, this will all depend on the exact city you land in.

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