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The Stress Is Not Worth It, Things Will Work Out!

Let’s face it, there are a lot of emotions tied into the process of buying a home. When you face the possibility of losing your home after having lived there, raised children there, spent money on improvements, etc., the loss can be devastating to say the least.

The emotional impact and stress is high if you are facing a foreclosure. One of the fears is that you will end up living in the streets. Rest assured there are options, and the process doesn’t just happen overnight so you do have a little time to figure out what your next step is.

Whether you realize it or not the foreclosure process can be much like a grieving process. The stages are similar. First, denial, it is not uncommon to ignore the missed payment, phone calls from collectors, not opening mail, not returning phone calls.

Anger- commonly people in this situation are angry at themselves or their spouse or both for letting this happen. Maybe you’re angry at the Realtor for selling you a house you really couldn’t afford or angry about losing your job or whatever has led to this situation.

Depression – sadness about losing the home where you have lived and enjoyed so many events, days begin with dread and fear, end with dread and fear. You simply can’t see your way out.

Acceptance – finally you realize what is done is done and has to be dealt with. You explore your options.

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