We Need Homes To Rent!


We Need Homes to Rent


Do you have a single family home that you would like to rent out? Are you moving out of the area and need to find a renter for your home?

Minnesota Home Rentals has a need for homes to rent in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area. We have leads on tenants and not enough homes to fill them!


How quickly can we get your home rented? With our team of experienced professionals working together we will put together a plan for your home.

We will use every available marketing tool we can get our hands on to accomplish this including using Virtual home tours of property for increased marketing appeal (some restrictions may apply).

We will list your property on all of the top rental housing websites. in local newspapers and have photos taken of your home for tenants to view online.

We will charge NO advertising fee or Setup fees!

We require NO Long term contract. You may cancel any time!

We offer full range Property Management services but we do not require you to use these services!

How much will your property rent for? We will perform at no cost to you a Market Analysis that will answer this for you. Rent has been steadily increasing in the past few years as more and more people are opting to rent.

Minnesota Home Rentals can make the rental experience go smoothly for you. Call us today at 612-293-5154.