Minnesota is Good Living

MN Home Rental will find you the perfect rental home!

Minnesota is Famous For Its Nice People, Dontcha Know?

And it’s true, our populous is the friendly type, always quick with a smile or to lend a helping hand. Neighbors still know each other by name and our hospitality is matched by none!

When it comes to finally deciding that renting your home is the right decision for you, however, you want to team up with real estate professionals like the ones at Minnesota Home Rental Inc., to make sure that the process is done as stress free and securely as possible.

We qualify every renter we place, and being nice is just one of the criteria that they must meet before they can rent your home. We also do thorough back ground checks which include criminal history, credit checks and we verify income. We also require a past rental history from our leasers, so we know that they will treat your home with the respect it deserves… plus you know they’ll always be nice!

You Are in Safe Hands With MN Home Rental Inc.

Not only do we secure qualified tenants for your valued property, but we also handle all the property management for you as well. We can schedule yard, pool and cleaning services, as well as repair services for your home’s environment and hardware such as electrical and plumbing. We do it all!

Ever had to deal with late rent payments? Well at Minnesota Home Rentals, we make the hassle of tracking down your money a thing of the past! We utilize an electronic payment system which streamlines the process and guarantees that you will be paid on time every month. Never again will you hear the excuse, ‘it must have gotten lost in the mail’. Plus, every transaction is recorded for your safety and security in mind.

The real estate professionals at Minnesota Home Rentals are highly skilled at matching the perfect home to our clients and their needs. Whether large or small, we have something for everyone and because we live here too, we know the market like the backs of our hands. We handle everything for you, we understand that your time and money are indispensable.

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