The Market in Minnesota

Minnesota Home Rental suggests you declutter the home for buyer's viewing.

We Want to Help You Find the Perfect Home or Tenants!

When conversing with real estate agents, you will often find that when they talk to you about buying real estate, they will refer to your purchase as a “home.” Yet if you are selling property, they will often refer to it as a “house.” There is a reason for this. Buying real estate is often an emotional decision, but when selling real estate you need to remove emotion from the equation.

You need to think of your house as a marketable commodity. Property. Real Estate. Your goal is to get others to see it as their potential home, not yours. If you do not consciously make this decision, you can inadvertently create a situation where it takes longer to sell your property.

Here at Minnesota Home Rentals, we are specialists at getting your home sold. We hope that when it comes time for you to sell your house, that you will give our professionals a call. In the meantime, here are a few tips that you can do to get started.

De-Personalize Your Home in Minnesota

Sure, you love all your things, but potential buyers need to be able to picture all of their things in your house. This means that you should scale back a bit, and get a head start on packing by putting away some of your personal affects. But be careful with the boxes… you the idea is to have as little clutter as possible.


This may seem obvious, but having a clean home is one of the most important steps to selling your home. Your house should be as tidy as possible as often as possible because you always want to be ‘show ready’. Dust, put away laundry, vacuum and pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms… Those are the most scrutinized parts of the home. Take a step back and pretend you are a buyer. Let a friend help point out areas of clutter. Let your agent help you, too.

-Check ceilings, walls and paint

Check all the ceilings for water stains. Sometimes old leaks leave stains, even after you have repaired the leak. Of course, if you do have a leak, you will have to get it repaired, whether it is a plumbing problem or the roof leaks.You should do the same for walls, looking for not only stains, but also areas where dirt has accumulated and you just may not have noticed. Plus, you may have an outdated color scheme.Painting can be your best investment when selling your home. It is not a very expensive operation and often you can do it yourself. Do not choose colors based on your own preferences, but based on what would appeal to the widest possible number of buyers. You should almost always choose an off-white color because white helps your rooms appear bright and spacious.

Curb Appeal

Make sure that the outside of your home is as clean as you make the inside. Pressure clean walkways and patios, clean windows and doors, and make sure the paint is not peeling or in need of repair. Lawns should be well maintained, and the addition of flower pots or window boxes is a good investment. You want potential homebuyers to feel welcomed and secure. Pay special attention to your front door and walkway.

These are just a few of the tricks you can use to help get your home sold. Calling the real estate professionals at Minnesota Home Rentals it’s another great place to start. We will make the process easy to understand and we guarantee to ease your mind. Call today to learn more and talk to one of our agents. 1-612-293-5154