Making your home stand out


What is unique about your home? Have you considered what might be your home’s most outstanding feature?

Here’s an example. A charming older home has an upper level that is used for an office and extra bedroom. This can be kept shut off when not in use to save on utility bills. There is a private door leading to the room. In front of the room is a uniquely shaped wall entranceway that separates the living room from the hallway and kitchen. This is also where the entrance to the upstairs is. This entranceway has a curved feature that is unusual for homes of this time period. With clever planning this feature can stand out as one of the best in the home.

While that may seem small this feature is direct to the front door entrance so this is one of the first areas your eye will see when you enter the home. There is a definite appeal that can be considered an outstanding feature.

Small and often overlooked areas can be enhanced to become an outstanding feature to the home.


It is a commonly known fact most people will place high importance on the kitchens and bathrooms for appearance, functionality, storage space etc. If you have a smaller kitchen or bathroom enhancing other unique features of your home can counter appeal to the potential buyer or renter.

Often even how furnishings are arranged and accentuated in the home can make a difference. Time you spend enhancing the simple yet unique features of your home is time well spent. These enhancement needn’t be lavish or expensive. Consult home decorating magazines, books, online articles and television shows for more detailed instructions.

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