It’s The Little Things in Minnesota

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Little Details Make a Difference For a Minnesota Home

Once you have made the decision to put your house up for sale you will likely feel overwhelmed at all that you have to do to get the house ready.

There are the obvious tasks that have to be done, grooming the yard, updating and cleaning everything in the house up. Stashing away the personal pictures etc., and depersonalizing your home so that others can picture themselves living there.

Then there are the less obvious tasks you may likely forget. Gather up the paperwork that an interested buyer. They may ask to see the operating manuals for your HVAC system, for example, or appliances that you are leaving with the house. They may like to see your bills from your utilities to get an idea what the expenses will be for those items.

Getting your home ready for a showing can be a hassle as well. A good rule of thumb is to have about 30% of your stuff put away or gotten rid of before showing your home. Excess DVD’s, CD’s, magazines, old clothes take up a lot of space and clearing them out will make your home appear larger and cleaner.

More Areas of the Home to Clean

Check your bathroom and kitchen for mold and mildew. Clean as much as possible, and if you can re-caulk around the tub do it. Make sure these areas are clean and free from odor.

If you have indoor pets you really will have to work harder to keep the animal odor down and the pet hair shed on furniture, floors and such vacuumed. Many professional realtors seem to be of the opinion that pets should be hidden or out of the house when people come to look at the house.

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