Leasing Is A Great Option In Minnesota


MN Home Rental thinks leasing is a great option.

Consider The Lease Option

Previously we discussed the choices of renting or buying a house and things to consider when making that decision.

Minnesota Home Rentals works with many people during their relocation process. We assist property owners who are renting their property out in finding tenants and tenants in finding property to rent.

Lease options can be a viable solution for the renter who cannot yet buy a home.For a defined period of time, usually between 12 and 24 months, the buyer (the optionee) leases the property from the seller (the optionor).

Do Not Be Afraid To Lease

The optionee will pay a sum of money, called option money, to the seller at the beginning of the lease. If the option is exercised the money is applied to the purchase price of the home. If the optionee does not go through with the purchase the option money is forfeited. The home is not sold to someone else during this time period.

Sometimes the seller will agree to credit a portion of the rent towards the purchase of the house which is another incentive for the buyer to go through with the purchase. This is a great option for the buyer who cannot come up with enough money for a down payment and a viable option for the seller.

If you live in Minnesota and have a home that you would like to sell or rent out, we are in need of homes. We have more tenants than we do homes to rent them.

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