It’s a great day to be alive and well in Minnesota!

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It’s a great day to be alive and well in Minnesota. We’re looking forward to a busy season as spring and summer are quickly approaching.

You may or may not know that spring is the peak time when homes are being listed for sale and many people move over the summer months while their children are out of school on summer break. That is, if everything goes according to plan, which often isn’t the case.

There are many ways to improve upon the odds of selling a home or renting it out.

Here are just a few tips for making that transition go a little smoother:

Work on your yard or hire a professional if you can afford it to give it “street appeal” Many homes are found by potential buyers or renters by driving around and looking at what is available. If you want to capture the attention of the potential buyer or renter you need to make sure that your home has “street appeal.”

Remove trash, update shrubs, trim trees, rake, trim, whatever it takes to make the front look new and appealing. That would include the entrance to the home; this is also a space you can spruce up.

The inside of your home should be clean and organized and most realtors would recommend not having a lot of personal items around. The reason is a potential buyer or renter will be imagining themselves living in this home. If they see a lot of family pictures on the wall for instance, they will likely get the feeling that this home belongs to someone else. That does tend to play a part in the decision making process even if subconsciously.

The potential home buyer or renter will likely be checking out closets, kitchen cabinets, etc, for storage space. This is to be expected and these areas should be clutter free as much as possible.

Experts also recommend using neutral colors for painting walls because you do not know what furniture or personal taste the potential buyer or renter has. They are likely to want to move in and do as little as possible to live in the home. If they are looking for a fixer upper that they plan to update and renovate they will likely expect a much lower price.

There are so many ways these are just a few. Look for more in future blogs.

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