Burnsville Property Management

Burnsville Property Management Keeps Money in Your Pocket!


Do you have a hard time justifying the expense of hiring a Burnsville property management firm? If so, you are not alone in this line of thought. However, making money from your rental properties takes more than placing renters in them and charging rent. It takes a lot of time, knowledge and skill from you…which, ultimately, does cost you money.

The benefit of hiring a professional Burnsville property management company is the simple fact that they handle all of the day to day managing of your properties for you. You will not only find this convenient, but you’ll find that you have more time to focus on the other money-making areas of your real estate investing business instead of the mundane daily hassles. After all, your time is valuable when it comes down to the bottom line. This is what Burnsville property management is all about – the bottom line, or “the bottom dollar.”

In order to justify the expense of hiring a Burnsville property management team, you have to take a look at all the services they provide. At Minnesota Home Rentals, we provide our clients with a wide variety of services to ensure they don’t have to worry about anything in regards to their rental properties, which is why so many landlords come to us. Below are just a few of the services our Burnsville property management professionals will do for you.

Tenant Placement: Obviously, if you don’t have renters then you’re investment properties won’t make you any money. Therefore, the first thing our Burnsville property management professionals focus on is getting your properties rented – fast! Not only do we handle the advertising and marketing of your properties, but we also prescreen applicants to ensure that your properties are rented to the “best of the best.”

Rent Collection: The last thing you need to worry about is chasing down tenants who owe you rent. This is why we provide your tenants with an easy way to pay rent online. Once we have collected rent from your tenants, we will quickly deposit the monies into your bank account electronically, saving you the time and hassle from collecting and depositing the rent yourself!

Maintenance Issues: One of the disadvantages of owning rental properties is dealing with the untimely maintenance issues that often arise. The Burnsville property management services we offer at Minnesota Home Rentals include handling all maintenance issues – regardless of whether it’s an emergency or not.

The services listed above are just a few of those included in our Burnsville property management packages. The thing you should know about Minnesota Home Rentals is that we are flexible in regards to what services you want us to handle. We will handle what you want us to and let you handle the issues you wish to handle.

We’re confident that you’ll feel our fees are reasonable and very affordable. When you take into consideration the time we’re saving you, we know you’ll agree that our Burnsville property management services will help you keep money in your pocket! Contact us today to learn more.