It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Let MN Home Rental help you in your big move.

Minnesota Home Rentals wants you to be our neighbor!

We have homes to fit any family’s needs and we guarantee to find yours the perfect match, large or small!

The summer months are the optimal time to find that new house to make your own since the weather is so lovely and the kiddos are out of school to help ‘inspect’ all the wonderful choices.

At Minnesota Home Rentals we have knowledgeable, highly trained professionals that are skilled at finding you a home to rent or buy that exceeds your expectations.

Need a place that has a large kitchen and is pet friendly?

We have it. Need to live close to your job, but also need a big, fenced in backyard for your children? Maybe even with a tire swing hung from the branch of an old oak tree? We have it! No request is too large or too small for our team!

We are here to make your home dreams come true. Perhaps you worry that you can’t afford to move out of that terrible townhouse you’re in right now? Never fear, our real estate super heroes are here! Minnesota Home Rentals will find you a much better home and get you more bang for your hard earned buck! We know all the tricks of the trade and since we live here too, we can find you that hidden gem that other realty agencies miss!

Had problem landlords in the past? Ugh, we all have. But here at Minnesota Home Rentals, we think it’s fair that the landlords are qualified as well as the renter! In fact, we make it easy to pay your rent with our electronic billing… you’ll never have to brave the weather to drop off your payment or hope that the mail arrives in one piece again! And all transactions are recorded for your protection. We always have your convenience and security in mind!

So call us today for more information and get started onloving in the home you’ve always dreamed of! 1-612-293-5154