Apple Valley Property Management

Needing Apple Valley Property Management? We Can Help!


It isn’t easy to find a good Apple Valley Property Management firm, which is why so many rental owners spend a lot of their precious time trying to manage their properties themselves. If this sounds like you, then you don’t have to worry about this any longer.Minnesota Home Rentals an expert in Apple Valley Property Management as we know the ends and outs of the rental real estate business. We will not only manage your properties well, but we will give you back all of the time you’ve been wasting worrying with this task yourself.

You may think that our Apple Valley Property Management services come with a hefty price, but you’ll be surprised to find that our fees aren’t that unreasonable at all. In fact, we’re pretty confident that you will immediately see that our fees are actually small when you look at everything you’re getting from us in return. When you choose Minnesota Home Rentals for your Apple Valley Property Management team, you will receive the support of our talented professionals. These professionals will advertise your rental, find qualified tenants, collect monthly rent, respond to any maintenance issues promptly, handle evictions, and much more.

As mentioned above, our prices for your Apple Valley Property Management services are extremely reasonable. Here’s how they work. We require you to pay $100 a month for advertising costs. All of this money will be spent on advertising your vacant unit, but we guarantee that we will have your unit filled within 60 days or else we will pay the advertising fees from there on out. Once the unit is filled, we only require you to pay 8% of the total monthly rent charged to tenants. Aside from the one-time $45 fee, those are the only fees our Apple Valley property management firm will charge you!

We understand how hard it is to properly manage rental properties, which is why you need to contact Minnesota Home Rentals if you have vacant rentals. We will advertise your properties, get tenants in fast and start putting money back in your pocket. The best part is that our Apple Valley Property Management team doesn’t charge an “arm and a leg” to do it either. So, what are you waiting for ? Call us today!