To Rent or Sell Your Home?

  We Can Help You In Minnesota If you are going to rent or sell your home there are several factors you have to take into consideration. Some of these factors you have little or no control over. If you need to sell your home in a hurry, you have no control over how long it will take to sell. You need to evaluate the area you live in, are houses selling in a reasonable amount of time or do they appear to be sitting on the market for a long time? Is there a demand for rental homes in your … [Read more...]

Moving Tips And Suggestions

Rid The Clutter In Your Home Before You List Realtors recommend that we get rid of about 30% of our belongings around our home before we list it. Wow, you may think that may seem like a lot. It is vital to the sale of your home to declutter your home before you list. How can you do this? Spend a few minutes in each room one by one. Take a very objective look around. Remember there are plenty of items you can get rid of and make a little extra cash in the meantime. What items can you sell and … [Read more...]