Why You Need a Market Analysis

Let MN Home Rental place you with great tenants!

Individuality And Fairness

Every home in every neighborhood is unique and each have their own value which is based on many factors.

Minnesota Home Rental will provide a free market analysis for property owners. This awesome tool is used to provide an estimate of the value of your home.

The location of your home is an important factor in determining its worth. The average cost per home of the neighborhood will determine an approximate average price in the neighborhood. The condition of homes surrounding your home is another factor, as well as the condition of your home, the square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc., ar all calculated to arrive at what amount rent you could expect to get for your house.

The information is entered into our form from which the market analysis is done.

A Wonderful Way To Properly Price Your Rental Property

This is a free service we offer at MN Home Rental.

MN Home Rentals can offer a great deal of assistance to you and make your experience of renting your home out go smoother.

We are a team of experienced professionals who will work hard so that you don’t have to. We will utilize advertising tools, social media, and make sure your home is advertised widely. We know the area well and we have a good reputation here.

Expect the best from Minnesota Home Rental. Call us for more information at 612-293-5154.


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