Minnesota is Your New Home!

Your new home awaits in Minnesota.

A Move to Minnesota

A move will put you in a state that consistently ranks in the top 10 places in the U.S. to raise a family.

The quality of life things that are typically considered when ranking include:

Health Care
Family friendly attractions
Parks and Playgrounds
Cost of living

Child Magazine conducted an extensive search of 100 cities throughout the U.S. to find the best place to raise a family. Their criteria included pediatric healthcare, schools, housing costs and air quality. Their research also points to highlights in each city, special qualities that exist no where else. The Saint Paul/Minneapolis area is on their list of the top five places to raise a family.

Minnesota cities and towns often make the lists of best places to live when the criteria include things family want: economic opportunity, good schools, safe streets, things to do and a sense of community.

Minnesota industries are often thought to be primarily agriculture, forestry and mining. These, however, provide only a small percentage of what we produce. Minnesota has one of the most diverse, and strongest, economies in the nation. Over ninty percent of the industries in the nation are represented here.

Unemployment rates are almost always lower in Minnesota than the national average. Many people who move to Minnesota do so because of good job opportunities. Perhaps that is why Minnesota is one of the few midwestern states whose population is growing faster than the overall national average. And Minnesota consistently ranks in the top ten states for per capita income.

The Twin Cities are the Cultural and Entertainment Hub of the Upper Mid-West

Here you will find theaters, orchestras, museums(including the Minnesota Children’s Museum, The Science Museum of Minnesota, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts), as well as Minnesota’s professional sports teams. Educational opportunities abound in the Twin Cities. The main campus of the University of Minnesota is located in the Twin Cities.

If access to great shopping is important to you, the Mall of America, the largest indoor shopping center in the country, is located in the Twin Cities suburb of Bloomington.

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