The Market For Homes in MN

Minnesota Homes knows why you should live in Minnesota!

Experts agree. Now is the time to buy a home or rent yours out!

With so many homes being foreclosed on and people forced into bankruptcy, it may not seem like it, but savvy real estate investors have always taken advantage of downturned economic climates. At Minnesota Home Rentals, we want to help you decide if purchasing a new home, renting out your current home, or a mixture of both, is the right choice for you.

-Right now, a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage comes with less than a five percent interest rate. That’s astounding, considering how high rates have been over the past couple of decades. The real estate market hasn’t seen this kind of interest rate low since before the 1980s and that’s something to take advantage of. However, because of the housing crisis over the last few years, maneuvering through the red tape can be a headache. The real estate professionals at Minnesota Home Rentals will cut the red tape and roll out the red carpet you deserve. We will walk you through the process and make it a breeze.

-Homeowners in a financial bind are more motivated to sell their house than they would have been a few years ago, which means they’re selling for much less than they’d like. This automatically makes it a buyer’s market. Our experts will work tirelessly to get you and your family more hinge for less cost.

-There is also a surplus of homes on the market right now, so much so that it’s practically flooded. Houses are being listed and merely sitting on the market and buyers have their pick among the competitive home prices. Minnesota Home Rentals has a home for every family, whether you’re a single student looking for a place near campus, or if you’re looking for a home to accommodate a growing family, we have it all!

Why Choose MN Home Rental Inc?

-With so many people forced into foreclosure or choosing not to buy, now may be the perfect time to consider renting your home to prevent losing any more of your hard earned money. Since the housing market collapse, the number of people renting has skyrocketed. At Minnesota Home Rentals, we make the process of renting your home effortless. We qualify every potential tenant and match them with your property. We also handle the management which includes scheduling services like lawn care or maintenance. Finally we make getting paid on time every month a guarantee with our electronic payment system. At Minnesota Home Rentals, we always have your security and convenience in mind.

Even though the housing prices have declined dramatically and interest is at an all-time low, it won’t stay there. Potential homebuyers should act quickly to get the best prices and lock in that low interest rate. Nobody knows when prices will go up again, but they most likely will not go any lower than this. The government intends to shift mortgages into the private market, which means that qualifying for a home loan will only get more difficult.

If you qualify for a mortgage now, it’s time to take advantage of it. Holding off to see where the market and interest rates head may mean that you’ll have a harder time qualifying for the same mortgage you could easily get now. Don’t wait, call today… let the experts at Minnesota Home Rentals guide you through today’s market to find the best home solution for you!