Minnesota is a Unique Place To Live

Why Minnesota You Might Ask? Everyone knows that it is called The Land of a Ten Thousand Lakes, or that the capital is St. Paul and that it is the home of the football team The Vikings, but we here at Minnesota Home Rentals, think that there are some interesting facts that you may not know about one of the most naturally beautiful states in the union... 1. There is over 90,000 miles of coastline in Minnesota. That's more than Florida, and California combined! With all that water around, … [Read more...]

Why Minnesota is a Great Place to Live

This Just In! Minnesota Has Been Voted One of the Greatest States in America to Live In! There are so many awesome reasons to love the 'The Land of a Ten Thousand Lakes' and we here at Minnesota Home Rentals, we think it's the perfect place to call home! Why you say? I'm glad you asked! Minnesota is known for its wet lands and lakes... 15,000 bodies of water to be exact! With all that wet stuff around, there's always plenty of fishing, boating and lakeside fun! Minnehaha Falls is one of the … [Read more...]

We Are Your Help in Minnesota

Renting Your Home in Minnesota After a long hard several months of struggling to keep yourself afloat financially you have finally decided to sell you house and rent for awhile. This is becoming a more popular option as of late. Many are finding they prefer renting to owning a home for the reasons such as being able to call a Landlord in to make repairs when needed. This is huge, especially among women alone and elderly couples. While there are plenty of do it yourselfers out there many … [Read more...]

Exciting Additions For Minnesota Zoo!

Breaking News For Minnesota! Five wolf pups rescued from the Funny River fire in Alaska are about to make Minnesota Zoo their new home! They must know how great living here can be, and here at Minnesota Home Rentals, we believe that with us your family pack will find their perfect home here as well! Whether your a one-man wolf pack, or perhaps you and your mate have a large litter, at Minnesota Home Rentals we have tons of homes to choose from to fit all of your needs! Big or small, we have … [Read more...]

Homes and Mortgages in Minnesota

Let Us Give You Some Suggestions and Options in Minnesota At Minnesota Home Rentals we know that since the housing bubble burst, thousands of homeowners have found themselves upside down, or paying more for their homes than they are currently called for on today's market. If this sounds all too familiar, you're not alone. It has been estimated that over 11 million homeowners are finding themselves under water with their mortgages, according to a recent article published by Time Magazine, … [Read more...]

We Understand What You Are Going Through In MN

We Are Here To Help Your Move In MN! Here at MN Home Rentals, we know how overwhelming it can be when you decide to sell your home. It's a venture best accomplished with a team of knowledgeable real estate professionals who are experts in their field and who know the local market like the back of their hands. There are many things to consider when selling your home, and we hope that you choose Minnesota Home Rentals to help you navigate through the process. In the meantime, we've … [Read more...]

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Minnesota Home Rentals wants you to be our neighbor! We have homes to fit any family's needs and we guarantee to find yours the perfect match, large or small! The summer months are the optimal time to find that new house to make your own since the weather is so lovely and the kiddos are out of school to help 'inspect' all the wonderful choices. At Minnesota Home Rentals we have knowledgeable, highly trained professionals that are skilled at finding you a home to rent or buy that exceeds … [Read more...]

Time For Your Move to Minnesota!

The Summer is Finally Here And with it comes the most popular time to relocate... the weather is typically favorable, the kids are out of school and there's plenty of time to prepare for the family get-togethers that the fall holidays always bring. Whether you're moving to a larger home to accommodate a growing family or perhaps you are a more seasoned couple whose needs are less now that the kids have moved out, our real estate professionals here at Minnesota Home Rentals can assist you … [Read more...]

Honoring The Fallen In Minnesota on Memorial Day

Today is a Day For Remembrance and Honor Today is a day we honor the many soldiers who have fallen during the line of duty. We honor those who have willingly given the ultimate sacrifice, their life, for their country and their families. A time of war or deployment is not easy. The families and loved ones HAVE to say goodbye as if it were the last time they will ever see their soldier. Let’s face it, it’s the truth, they may not return. As many have not in the past who we remember … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Weekend Ideas

Memorial Day in Minnesota Numerous cities hold ceremonies, memorials, special events and more. There are several Memorials in the Minnesota State Capitol grounds in downtown St. Paul, including the Minnesota Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Minnesota Korean Veterans Memorial, the Peace Officers Memorial, and the World War Two Memorial. Looking for some entertainment? Click this link for some great ideas this Memorial Day weekend. Concerts, festivals, restaurants, nightlife and more information … [Read more...]